Dear students!

Student self-government is an important part of higher education and the guarantee of conscious society existence.

Our aim is to hold a round table for the exchange of experience, skills and achievements in order to develop student’s life in general.

We invite the representatives of student self-government to participate in our conference.

This meeting will be useful for everybody!

We are looking forward to hearing from You!

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  • Communication with the public
  • Cooperation with the administration of your higher education institution
  • Work with students
  • Large-scale projects implementation
  • Work during quarantine restrictions or students’ digitalisation

Communication with the public

How to organise effective communication with the public? How to reflect important processes in mass media? How to unite students for achieving a common goal? How to cooperate with the body of the State Authority? You are sincerely welcome to share with us your ideas.

Cooperation with the administration of your higher education institution

The necessity to explain how to achieve certain changes, to develop certain important principles, to acknowledge how to establish effective communication between rectorate and students, how to invest money in a right way.

Work with students

The realization of student´s wishes, the enhancement of students´ activity, the ways of receiving effective results after having conducted certain projects, rating of trust of students towards student self-government, the enhancement of students´ involvement are the basic themes to be discussed.

Large-scale projects implementation

Realization of projects, which will make a certain sphere of life better and improve a certain sphere of life. Organizational skills, investors’ involvement, cooperation with employers, the ability to deal with calculations in a right way. Large project realization with minimum costs.

Work during quarantine restrictions or students’ digitalisation

How to conduct an online-event? How to establish connection via social media? How to enhance the activity of students as users of social media? How to hold educational forums online? Qualitative online education and adaptation are possible. How to render university spirit to newcomers, first-year students online?


An attempt to unite students for the sake of common ideas, dreams and projects realization. Students have the right to speak. Students have the right for their own opinion and experience exchange. And it will help to solve the problematic aspects of the student life.

Come and share!

Students, let us unite!

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Google-form for participation

The exact date of the event will be informed not later than 10 days before its beginning.